Sam Poh Temple Brinchang

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Attraction : Places of worship
Open 7 days a week

The yoni mutra is the interlocking of the fingers as shown in the image below. This mutra creates a complete cross-connection of energies from the right hand to the left and vice versa. As well as balancing the energies in the body, it helps balance the activities of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This mudra makes the body and mind more stable in meditation and develops greater concentration, awareness and internal physical relaxation. It redirects energy back into the body which would otherwise be dispersed. The word yoni means womb or source. The yoni mudra invokes the primal energy inherent in the womb or source of creation.

The temple is quite pretty & planted with a variety of temperate climate flowering plants such as the cymbidium and rhododendron, both of which would not grow well in the lowlands. The temple has been well maintained by residents and monks. Surrounded by a bright yellow wall, the temple is serene, peaceful and you will really feel a sense of tranquility here. There are some different statues, both Buddhist and Chinese inside the first hall. There are four Heavenly Kings which consist of Kwang Mu (Guardian of the West), Tou Wen (Guardian of the North), Ch’i Kuo (Guardian of the East) and lastly Tseg Chang (Guardian of the South).

The surroundings are quiet and peaceful. Even the fish in the outdoor pond are friendly and pop right up to say “Hello!” While this temple is a tourist attraction, most visitors are local Chinese or from Singapore, coming to admire the oriental architecture while offering prayers at the altar. The temple is free to enter, as long as you keep a quiet profile and remove your shoes.


Sam Poh Temple Brinchang,
No. 41, Jalan Kuari,
Brinchang, Cameron Highlands,
Pahang DM,
Phone: +605 491 1393

Latitude: 4.5062329999999999

Longitude: 101.407588

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